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Idronics N. 21


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How often do you turn on faucets, bathubs or showers, and then wait for warm water to arrive?  This is common in many homes and commercial buildings.  It results in wasted water, waster energy and annoyed occupants.  Most people would be surprised to learn that several thousand gallons of heated water is wasted in a typical household, over a year, waiting for water at the desired temperature to arrive at fixtures.

In this issue of idronics, we show how to avoid this waste and annoyance using recirculating domestic hot water systems (DHW).  They range from simple, "single loop" systems in small buildings, to complex multi-branch systems in larger buildings.  Moderm methods and hardware can provide the exact thermal and safety requirements of simple and complex recirculating DHW systems.  We also describe how to size, detail and adjust these state-of-the-art systems.

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