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Twelve years after Caleffi North America was established, air issues, dirt issues and hydraulic separation issues continue to be frequent topics in the technical support calls we receive.  Some of these calls are from contractors trying to correct problems in existing systems.  Others are from designers looking for the best way to apply our products in a new system.  Some callers simply ask, “Can you explain how that device works?”

These calls confirm that an understanding of air and dirt separation, as well as hydraulic separation is critically important to those who design, install or maintain hydronic systems.  Those who comprehend these topics well are more capable of creating and maintaining the modern, energy-efficient systems today's marketplace demands.

This 15th edition of idronics™ combines the topics discussed in our first and second issues printed in 2007 and updates those topics to reflect several new products now available from Caleffi.  Some of these new products combine the functions previously performed by single components.  Others expand the range of application from residential jobs through large commercial systems that provide heating and cooling.

From time to time, we receive photos showing installations of Caleffi products.  We sincerely appreciate these submittals.  They help us show and explain the best way to apply and install specific products.  This issue includes several such photos.  We sincerely thank all those who have sent us these photos and encourage you to continue sharing them with us.