Caleffi Idronics
Idronics N. 16


idronics cover 16

An understanding of how circulators operate, as well as how they are sized and selected, is crucial to good hydronic system design.  The 16th edition of idronics™ – Circulation in Hydronic Systems – focuses on determining proper flow rates in different portions of a hydronic system.  Once determined, piping and circulator selection is explored to ensure that the flow rates occur when the system is built and commissioned.  The journal discusses circulators and how they interact with other system components.  In conclusion, a discussion of the distribution efficiency of the system and how to achieve systems that convey unsurpassed comfort using the least amount of electrical energy is examined.

From time to time, we receive photos showing installations of Caleffi products.  We sincerely appreciate these submittals.  They help us show and explain the best way to apply and install specific products.  This issue includes several such photos.  We sincerely thank all those who have sent us these photos and encourage you to continue sharing them with us.