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Idronics N. 23


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Is an underperforming heat emitter the result of insufficient flow rate, low fluid temperature, undersizing, improper placement, trapped air, or sludge deposits? It could be any or all of these.

An understanding of how heat moves and what factors enhance (or inhibit) that movement is vitally important to those who design, troubleshoot or maintain hydronic systems.  Conduction, convection and radiation all play rolls, as do material selections and the placement of those materials within a system. The ability to estimate heat transfer rates using basic formulas is also important when designing systems.

This issue of idronics discusses the fundamentals of heat transfer as they apply to hydronic heating and cooling systems.  It describes how the rate of heat movement in these systems is influenced by flow rate and temperature differences.  It also describes practical details that enhance heat transfer in a wide variety of system applications.

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