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Heat pumps have been around for decades. However, due to advances in product design, public interest in energy conservation and recently enacted government incentives, interest in heat pumps has risen rapidly.  Geothermal heat pump shipments, for example, have increased nearly four-fold in the U.S. since 2003.
In this issue we explain the basics of heat pump operation and describe several types of heat pumps. The discussion then turns to use of modern hydronics to enhance the efficiency and comfort provided by these heat pumps.  System configurations ranging from simple single-zone/heating-only systems, to large multi-heat pump heating and cooling systems are shown.  Specific information on sizing components such as buffer tanks, expansion tanks and circulators is also provided. In short, this issue of idronics™ shows you how to "leverage" the advantages of hydronics for optimizing the heating and cooling performance of heat pump systems.