Caleffi Idronics
Idronics N. 19


idronics cover 19

Caleffi North America offers an on-the-road class entitled:  Near Boiler Piping.  This popular presentation discusses components located close to the boiler, how they should be arranged and why they are vital to good system performance.

This issue of idronics extends this discussion to complete hydronic distribution systems.  It explores the interactions of components within properly designed systems.  It presents several proven distribution system layouts, along with their strengths and limitations.  It explains interactions between the distribution system, the heat source and the heat emitters.  It helps readers decide which type of distribution system is best for a given application.  

After presenting proven distribution system layouts, the focus turns to what not to do.  Section 7 identifies common errors related to distribution system design, explains what's wrong and presents at least one alternative that eliminates the problem.  

Section 8 wraps up with several complete system examples.

The information presented in this issue is based on decades of experience and covers both "traditional" and contemporary approaches.  References to previous issues of idronics are provided so readers can find additional details on specific topics.

We hope you enjoy this 19th issue of idronics and encourage you to send us feedback by emailing us.